Where do we live? Currently we live probably the most charming town of Grapevine, Texas. Where have we lived? Jordan and I had lived in Lynchburg, Virgina for approximately 4 years. It’s quite a fascinating little town. Downtown sits directly on the James River. In addition, it lays within the edge from the Blue Ridge Mountains, which give a sensational view. Lynchburg houses six different colleges, including Liberty University (our home base). It includes a population of over 75,500 people. It’s filled with a lot history. It certainly became a mecca with the Tobacco industry because the early 1800s. Thomas Jefferson, made Poplar Forest, his escape retreat. Lynchburg was also big inside the railroad system starting inside the mid 1800s. Supposedly, Lynchburg was the only real major city that didn’t fall towards the Union Army within the Civil War. The Appomattox Court House, where in fact the Confederate Army under Robert E. Lee surrendered to Ulyssess S. Grant plus the Union army, lies just beyond Lynchburg.

These were ranked top 30 in 2011 within the NCAA.

A Happy Meal With Frye's: WhereaboutsA Happy Meal With Frye's: WhereaboutsLynchburg may be involved in a number of different political and ethical issues like the stories Ota Benga (a resident of Lynchburg) and Carrie Buck (the individual of this historical Eugenics debate). Our home base in Lynchburg was Liberty University. Never could have visited this luscious greenery with no arrived at school at Liberty. Liberty was founded by Jerry Falwell Sr. and Elmer Towns in 1971 in Lynchburg. That they had a dream to create a university with academic excellence and athletic achievement founded on biblical truth. Liberty is currently home to over 12,000 residential students and over 60,000 online students. We’ve fallen deeply in love with the mission along with the atmosphere of Liberty University. It’ll always be another home to us. It really is filled with incredible students, loving professors, and awesome leaders. Jordan played golf for Liberty. The team is really a division I sport. These were ranked top 30 in 2011 within the NCAA. Jordan is really a Business Finance major. I used to be a nursing major in LU’s excellent BSN Nursing Program. I enjoyed every minute of my busy schedule. We were truly blessed with what Liberty had to provide.

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I submitted my application and half an hour later a guy called to speak to me and tell me what my next steps were. This is actually the strategy to use if you’d like that degree but cannot or dont desire to be a normal on campus daytime student. Was this review helpful? I simply completed my bachelor’s degree with Liberty. I started with 51 transfer credits and finished my 121th (yeah I understand there’s a supplementary credit). I’m also a military spouse so Liberty is amazing with making my schooling affordable because of the Pell Grant aswell. Most of my classes have taught me a lot. Yes, you can find religion courses. This is a Christian university. Would I would recommend Liberty to someone, absolutely. Was this review helpful? I’m attending LUO and wished I had never even considered it.

Why? Another posts where describe every one of the terrible issues you can find SPOT ON atlanta divorce attorneys aspect,i.e., faculty members are rude rather than knowledgeable, each and every time you confront them with lying for you they pass the buck, professors won’t even look at a quiz was miss-graded by way of a computer software, takes almost fourteen days to hear from the professor, financial holds money beyond federal law limits, etc. LOU ought to be turn off. Think a lot more than twice concerning this school. Oh, I’ve a 4.0 so don’t believe I cannot handle an internet environment! Was this review helpful? It’s been a nightmare! My son may be an on-line student of Liberty University for just two years. He needs 20 credits to graduate however the financial aid and its own supervisors have already been only joke! Semester after semester myself, my hubby and my son have spoken while using school funding reps and their supervisors to be able to sign up for classes. Each rep and supervisor gives us different erroneous information. It really is unbelievable! It has caused delay therefore far our son has lost 3 semesters because of misinformation.