Greetings and welcome my radio listening audience and online article readers. With this 19th day of October 2012 we shall needless to say be discussing future technology, future innovations, and futuristic concepts. Indeed, I surely hope the Mayan calendar was wrong, or simply those carving it merely ran out of stone simply, ran out of rock to chisel on, which means world will undoubtedly be saved from whatever it had been how the Mayans thought might produce a fresh age or renewal. Okay so, Let me dive into our topics for today’s radio talk show and I’m sure right now you realize the format, basically, “I’ll do the talking for approximately half an hour minus commercials as well as your job would be to listen carefully, produce comments and questions, and I’ll start the telephone lines to listen to what you need to say.” As additionally you probably know I really do not react to online comments that are not intellectually based. It doesn’t mean you can’t have an impression, nor will it really imply that it must be the identical to mine.

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Future Technology And Innovative Concept Topics And Concepts For Think Tanks And RadioFuture Technology And Innovative Concept Topics And Concepts For Think Tanks And RadioIn fact, should you choose an excessive amount of preaching towards the choir, I’ll simply cut you off, perhaps trust you, and go directly to the next caller. Our job would be to come with an intellectual discussion, dialogue, debate and discourse. That is why you’re here, and that is my mission, and we’ll complete it. Now then, obviously there’s a boat load of discuss innovation, the necessity for innovators and entrepreneurs inside our nation to help keep us strong, vibrant, and on the best edge of technology. You will not get any disagreement here on that reality, nonetheless it seems as though the term “innovation” could very well be perhaps one of the most overused words within the English language currently, perhaps apart from “unsustainable” which incidentally, some things which might look like unsustainable or dire problems we believe we face today, but might be solved together with the technology into the future.

Einstein used to state that; “it requires an excellent person to resolve a problem, nonetheless it requires a creative genius to avoid the issue from ever happening first place,” and for that reason, I’d say that the creative geniuses don’t always obtain the credit for solving the issues, however the brilliant person will, even though their previous solutions converted into unintended consequences, and they’re rehired to repair what they broke the very first time after supposedly fixing something to save lots of people. Okay so, here’s where I’ll start throwing out topics, with just a little discussion mounted on each one. They’ll have huge variations all over the board from science fiction topics to today’s latest and greatest technologies and what they could mean for the future. I’ll also get rid of some personal original innovative concepts, when i produce at the very least two new original concepts each day, and we are able to discuss those aswell if you want, or perhaps you’ll have a different topic for the dialogue here. The truth is, money has little if any value – look at a dollar bill, it’s only a flimsy little bit of paper, just how much could it be well worth?

We all believe that it is worth whatever it says on the facial skin of it whether one dollar, five dollars, $10, $20, $50, or perhaps a C-note. Money only works because folks have faith in its value, and what it could buy. A lot of the money that is created nowadays never actually exists in a very physical form, it only exists inside the digital world. For example, you can find paid from the Corporation, that money could possibly be digitally transferred into your money. You may then use your ATM to get something, or settle payments online, nevertheless, you never really had that money in to your hot little hands. Things have changed a whole lot within the last three decades haven’t they? Just what exactly may happen in another three decades I ask? Will we still have physical money, or does it all be digitized, and can you ever have hardly any money in the wallet to get something? There are a few futurists that think that money will venture out the window, in other words physical money, and everything will undoubtedly be digital in the foreseeable future.

But imagine if our society and civilization doesn’t trust digital money? Imagine if they’re worried our banks are increasingly being hacked? Recently in nov 2012 we’ve noted our banks attended under cyber-attacks from Iran at the very least Leon Panetta believes that is where the attacks originated, but who’s to say in the foreseeable future if we’ve a war with another nation that cyber-attacks on our monetary system will never be included? In the end, economic warfare is now quite common, why just think about the sanctions, trade wars, and our attempts to avoid the amount of money flow from terrorists, drug dealers, money launderers, and human traffickers, combined with the central banking personal computers of rogue nation-states and their money transfers for things such as oil, natural resources, and military armament? Then there’s the problem currently where increasing numbers of people are making mobile payments on the mobile personal tech devices.