I am extremely proud to possess Liberty University as my Alma Mater. I received my BS in Psychology this year 2010. I’ve a younger sister who received her BS this past year from Liberty. I spent twelve months on campus, including dorm life, and completed the others of my degree through the web program. Overall, I could say that my experience was very positive and I grew quite a bit spiritually, academically and personally. In reading another reviews, it really is true that the institution has been going right through some growing pains, as all schools and businesses do. I even had some “drama” with my school funding and degree completion requirements. Though frustrating sometimes, I wouldn’t go as far as to guage every employee and student at the institution because of my own experiences, as some reviewers have. Needless to say there will be some bad apple advisers and professors, some individuals who fall from the cracks of the machine, etc, etc. Isn’t funny how it appears that those with a poor opinion will be the ones who take time to write an assessment?

Picture Your 0 Liberty University Basketball On Top. Read This And Make It So

Well I’m writing to state that we now have two sides to every experience, and mine was extremely positive! I am hoping that should you are reading these reviews, you’re wise enough to go to the institution and research your options before deciding. NO SCHOOL is ideal, but I could let you know from personal experience that Liberty includes a large amount of positive what to offer! I’m VERY surprised because of the negative reviews on Liberty! I’ll say this if you’re Not just a Christian than you won’t just like the university. I’ve NEVER been explained views were wrong or what I will think. I’m a Social Worker and am currently attending LU to perform my Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy. I’ve an extremely open Christian view and speak it often atlanta divorce attorneys discussion I’ve with teachers and students. I welcome debate but again if you’re Not just a Christian (saved living by the term of God) than you won’t just like the school. Yes, when giving a view point you need to back it up with biblical scripture, again this can be a Christian college.

But I’ve had an excellent experience with the school funding department and Faculty. I’m also a Veteran and also have been treated perfectly be Veteran services. The only real reason a gave this a 4 was because I really believe they certainly need more staff as that may be slow process documents. I currently attend the Liberty University Online program working towards a Bachelors in Information Systems. Ugh the program kills me! First, the introductory programming classes are such as this: instructions to learn several chapters, watch a video associated with an instructor, and complete an assignment. Sound easy? Sure in case the assignment had ANYTHING regarding what is read within the chapters and what inside the instructional video. I needed to visit youtube along with other tutorial websites to determine how exactly to complete the assignments. Why am I spending high dollars with this school because of this? Now I’m taking an introductory database class.

The first week in the class, a 250 word online community post arrives with 4 peer reviews citations. And the true kicker is how exactly to relate database development for the BIBLE! Now seriously! I obtain the whole ethical/biblical thing. Let’s they offer a training course in Ethical computer applications and leave it at that? I must say i want to find out about technology and computing. Personally i think as if I’m not getting that sort of education here. I spend nearly all my time (and a lot of time) going outside the system to obtain my education. I am finding another school that Personally i think will teach me something as that’s my goal. As being a Christian, Military Veteran, and Adult student I could tell you this can be a HORRIBLE school! I tried for six months to get all of the documents had a need to use my Post 9/11 GI Bill. They constantly lost my documents, could not reply with a genuine email or telephone call, and made me feel just like lots and little bit of trash. They’re only searching for your money plus they ought to be ashamed of themselves.