Kymberly Pine Representative Of Ewa Beach Hawaii - Politics NewsKymberly Pine Representative Of Ewa Beach Hawaii - Politics NewsRepresentative Kymberly Marcos Pine was elected to hawaii House of Representatives in 2004. She actually is the Minority Floor Leader. She represents District 43, which covers the regions of West Loch Fairways, West Loch Village, some of Ewa By Gentry, Puuloa, Ocean Pointe, Ewa Beach and Iroquois Point. She actually is the initial Republican for being elected to the seat since statehood. A tuned journalist, Kymberly never imagined that she’d be an elected official. Seeing Ewa Beach neglected by government leaders inside the regions of traffic relief, school funding and crime motivated her to perform for office to make sure that Ewa Beach would no more be left out. Since her election, Ewa Beach has received over $600 million for new roads, schools and different other projects. Tougher crime laws were also passed. Kymberly Pine is currently Hawaii’s leading expert in cyber crime legislation. Kymberly includes a strong work ethic and a separate need to succeed.

She graduated through the prestigious University of California, Berkeley where she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in English. She’s won numerous awards on her behalf writing, and was the youngest being appointed as Director with the Minority Research Office in hawaii House of Representatives. Within this position, she ran a team centered on finding waste and mismanagement in government spending and creating new answers to Hawaii’s problems. Her work in policy has received extensive coverage in local television, radio, and print media and contains also been utilized by the Governor’s and Lt. Kymberly has 14 years of experience working at hawaii Capitol. Kymberly Pine can be a devoted athlete. She completed the 42-mile Molokai Channel canoe race to Oahu along with the Waikiki Rough Water Swim 2.4 mile competition. In senior high school she was a well-known athlete as an associate with the Hawaii Olympic Development TEAM, and was chosen because the Oahu Interscholastic Association West All-Star MVP player. She was also a cross-country and track standout, placing second within the OIA in a variety of competitions.

Her family was inadequate in the past but worked hard to have success for future generations.

Family In the first 1900’s, Kymberly’s grandfather emigrated in the Ilocos Norte, Philippines with several pesos, an image in the Statue of Liberty, plus a dream that his descendants would 1 day head to college and become spared the hardships of plantation life. He later continued to fight in World War II and was among a large number of U.S. America through the attack on Pearl Harbor. Kymberly’s great grandparents on her behalf grandmother’s side of the household emigrated from Pangasinan and Tarlac, Philippines. They done Maui and Ewa plantations. Her family was inadequate in the past but worked hard to have success for future generations. That is among the reasons that Rep. Pine is indeed interested in helping the indegent and why she’s worked for over six years at U.S. VETS – HAWAII, a house for former homeless veterans. Kymberly can be linked to Alexander Hamilton, among America’s founding fathers who enabled an incredible number of citizens to attain the American Dream. She actually is married to Navy LT Brian Ryglowski who works with the Pearl Harbor Navy Shipyard. Kymberly and Brian are members of this Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church in Ewa Beach where she actually is a lector.

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