I am pleased with these few students for speaking their minds. This is a testament to the truth that Liberty University promotes the free expression of ideas unlike many major universities where political correctness prevents conservative students from speaking out. However, I’m afraid the statement is false in a number of respects. First, the statement claims a “majority” of Liberty faculty, staff and students aren’t supporting Donald Trump. It really is true that Donald Trump lost within the Virginia primary at Liberty’s precinct when there have been many Republican candidates still within the race but, when Mike Pence spoke to numerous a large number of students at Liberty yesterday, he was applauded when he spoke of the significance of supporting Donald Trump for president. Actually, he received five standing ovations during his speech. The band of students now speaking out against Trump represents an extremely small percentage with the Liberty student body of 15,000 resident students and 90,000 online students. The group (led by way of a never Trump activist, I’m told) claims to possess between 200 and 1200 signatures over a petition but admits that lots of of the signatories aren’t Liberty students. The student statement also falsely claims that I’m “touring the united states” and associating Liberty University with Trump. The truth is I traveled with all the Trump campaign only 1 weekend in January and I usually inform you for the media that my endorsement of Trump is my own endorsement only and this I’m not speaking for Liberty University, its students, faculty or staff. I’m only fulfilling my obligation like a citizen to ‘render unto Caesar things that are Caesar’s’ by expressing my own opinion about who I really believe is most effective to lead our nation in a period of crisis.

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Over another two . 5 years, they might fight some battles using the tribes led by Geronimo. Confederate sailors in the CSS Virginia claim the Washington Islands (Marquesas) for that Confederacy. Union Major James Austin Connolly, who wrote, “We’ll burn every house, barn, church, and the rest we arrived at; we’ll leave their own families houseless and without food; their towns will all be destroyed, and only probably the most complete desolation will undoubtedly be within our track” is tried prior to the War Crimes tribunal and found guilty of intentionally ordering his men to focus on civilians which is sentenced to death by hanging. He’d function as thirteenth Union officer hanged. His orders to kidnap and deport the civilian women of Marietta were also used against him, as were his numerous written and verbal orders to attack civilian property, theft, arson, pillaging, and much more. His very prominent trial and incredibly obvious guilt worried the existing government of america, who started the tribunals believing they might get Confederates inside a court if they couldn’t have them within the battlefield, or they wouldn’t be capable of geting lots of the Union officers.

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The President among others began scrambling to get rid of the war trials. He could be convicted of war crimes, however the sentencing had not been carried out because of the USA Secretaries of War and State feverishly writing towards the Confederates along with other nations to get rid of the war crimes trials. By mutual agreement, america and Confederate States consent to end the war crimes trials. Both sides felt that this continual mudslinging had not been helpful to continue, within the background, the huge international embarrassment to america for your continual proof their war crimes was doing great injury to their international reputation, and the others of Europe were notably giving the united states cold shoulders diplomatically and commercially. There is zero good will for the coffee lover having ‘fought to free slaves,’ as much ambassadors would claim and several congressmen and generals would begin claiming, which drew laughter and derision in parlors across Europe and newspapers there and in the home.

Everyone that US ambassadors and citizens abroad encountered knew they fought to economically dominate the south also to destroy their people and culture to conquer them. The War Crime Trials evidence was printed in a very thirteen volume set, “War Crimes Tribunal between your USA and Confederate States regarding the Conduct in the Late War Between your Two Nations,” and documented the overwhelming proof intentional war crimes committed for america to attempt to subdue the South. The finish from the trials excluded Sherman from judgment, however, not a lot of his subordinates, towards the anger of several inside the Confederacy. John Turchin, originally from Russia, was excused, when Russia’s minister de Stoeckl agreed that Russia will be thinking about selling Alaska towards the CS rather than to the united states. Several dozen Confederate officers were arrested or fined because of their parts in excesses, while over 300 Union officers were either arrested or fined for his or her roles in attacking civilian targets or not restraining their soldiers from doing this.