Study Finds Nearly ANOTHER Of Pittsburgh Homicides MAY HAVE Been PreventedStudy Finds Nearly ANOTHER Of Pittsburgh Homicides MAY HAVE Been PreventedMore than 30 % from the homicides in Pittsburgh this past year were likely linked to peer violence, not gang activity, and so are the sort of crime most readily avoided by early intervention, in accordance with a first-of-its-kind report because of the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health’s Community Violence Prevention Project. The group’s research indicates that 19 percent of this 42 homicides in the town this past year were because of peer violence rather than gang-related; another 12 percent were defined as possibly linked to peer violence. Peer violence means a purposeful, self-motivated conflict stemming from drugs, money or perceived disrespect between two people who know one another. Steven Albert, Ph.D., chairman of this Department of Behavioral and Community Health Sciences at Pitt Public Health. Richard Garland, M.S.W., visiting instructor within the Department of Behavioral and Community Health Sciences and co-author of this report.

www.blackderrick.orgThe Community Violence Prevention Project began within Pitt Public Health in August 2012. Using data through the Pittsburgh Initiative to lessen Crime (PIRC), Allegheny Jail, Allegheny County Department of Human Services, Allegheny County Adult and Juvenile Probation as well as the Allegheny County Medical Examiner’s Office, researchers studied all 42 homicides that occurred within the town of Pittsburgh in 2012 to recognize the primary cause from the homicides and homicide patterns. In 95 percent from the homicides, the reason for death was a gunshot wound. Information beyond a victim’s gender, race, age and location from these reports was not a lot of, so researchers gathered more information by attending community and coalition meetings, conducting informal interviews and participating in community outreach. Researchers sought to comprehend the victim’s relationship together with the suspect, proof previous conflicts, potential motives, genealogy of violence, the victim’s occupation and amount of stay at his current residence. Furthermore, researchers facilitated eight “homicide review group” meetings from January to June 2013. The review groups comprised community members within the neighborhoods where homicides occurred the prior year. Researchers wished to focus on the initial characteristics and dynamics of the neighborhoods, generate more information concerning the homicides and brainstorm interventions. Mr. Garland. Based on the U.S. The Prevention Project researchers recommend engaging individuals and families at an increased risk for violence in non-traditional settings, including er trauma departments. The Prevention Project’s recommendation is modeled following a program produced by the National Network of Hospital-Based Violence Intervention Programs. All hospitals providing Level 1 trauma services in Allegheny County have decided to host this program.

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