zaliczgmine.plIn September 1978, a chief investigator for the home Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) had an assistant contact Louisea Steenbarger – of Peru, Indiana, to view what information she wished to relay when it comes to their investigation from the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Pursuant to Cliff Fenton’s request, I called Mrs. Steenbarger because she contacted the Committee to provide information. In Mid-October 1959 her husband, Maurice Eugene Steenbarger, was stationed with all the Air Force in Phalsbourg France. He husband was a civilian auditor together with the Auditor General. In those days she left her home in Marion, Indiana with her eight year old son, David (dob 11/29/51) to become listed on her husband in France. Her travel was arranged from the military and she was issued travel orders. She left from Bunker Hill Base (now called Garisson) in Indiana and flew to MacGuire Air Force Base in NJ. MacGuire was the idea of departure for military transport flights were called MATS. Around the airplane her son sat within the window seat and she sat in the centre.

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The man sitting in the aisle seat said his name was Lee Oswald; she doesn’t remember him utilizing a middle name. He seemed tense and didn’t say much; he gripped the arms on the seat so tightly that his knuckles were white. She thought he was merely afraid of flying. He was quite taciturn and also seemed hostile when she tried to speak to him. The son relaxed once they had meals. He appeared to her like he previously plenty of pent-up emotion. He said he previously served in Japan plus the Philippines. He was wearing a Marine Corps uniform. He said he previously fallen deeply in love with a Japanese girl and have been imprisoned in either Japan or the Philippines because he wished to marry her. He said he had been shipped to Germany by military; the departure have been so hastily arranged he hadn’t even had the opportunity to view his mother. Mrs. Steenbarger described the person as having light to sand hair, light eyes, with sharpshooter medals on his uniform, a name plate saying “Lee Oswald” and hook Southern accent.

He said his father was named Robert E. Lee Oswald. He discussed putting down the American system. He said he had been shipped to Germany since they needed him immediately and he had an art he might use there, but she doesn’t recall if he specified what skill. The plane landed in Preswick in Scotland. Mrs. Steenbarger and her son deplaned to utilize the restroom. Oswald said he was ill. He stood far away and appeared to be watching her coldly and suspiciously. From then on, he didn’t talk with her any longer. When they returned for the plane the person named Oswald sat over the isle from her and her son and several rows up. Another man in nice civilian clothing sat close to her. He let a cigarette dangle in the armrest but appeared distracted and didn’t smoke it. There might have been other civilians for the plane, but she actually is not sure. The person named Oswald informed her he was still under surveillance from his trouble together with the military police.

The man sitting close to her after Oswald moved behaved oddly that she wondered if he was actually the one who was watching Oswald. Their plane landed at either Rhine/Maine or Frnakfurt. That has been the final time she saw the person named Oswald. She didn’t notice how he left the airfield. Mrs. Steenbarger offered that her travel arrangements and perhaps a manifest of this flight could possibly be gotten from your Air Force. Request from Air Force travel manifest for flight taken by Mrs. Steenbarger to see if Oswald’s name appears. Feb ’58 Oswald rotated back again to U.S. June 20, ’58 – Oswald into brig for 45 days for barroom altercation with Sgt. December 1958 – September 1959 – While LHO stationed in California, he’s got one date with “Rose” – ex-airline hostess who speaks Russian and who’s Henry J. (“Beezer”) Rouseeelle’s aunt. Rousselle is USMC and from coastal Louisiana town.