总体介绍:海洋解放号 (liberty of the seas)于2007年5月下水,截至

They are angry with just how large corporations have played their part on the planet financial meltdown. But apparently these would-be London STOCK MARKET occupiers aren’t mad enough to boycott Starbucks, Coca-Cola, Tesco and a great many other household names. Scores of individuals who camped in the entrance to St Paul’s Cathedral were pleased to queue for global chain Starbucks’ toilets and coffee this weekend. From businessmen to squatters, the 200 roughly anti-City protesters who’ve pitched their tents by St Paul’s Cathedral were yesterday finding your way through another night within the cold. The Mail spoke to the people inside the London wing of this global protests and found a diverse selection of backgrounds. 1) Virginia Lopez Calvo, 30, who works for your women’s rights organisation, is from Hackney, East London, and said: ‘Inflation keeps growing, prices ‘re going up, but my income isn’t just frozen but heading down.

10) Amir Imran, 23, media studies student, Tioman, Malaysia: ‘I exactly like coming to protests.

www.gbfans.com3) Tarek Von Bergmann, 36, German chef, Swindon: ‘We want as much occupations as you possibly can to spread the message that people can make a big change. 4) Catherine Garrity, 26, jobless, a squatter in London: ‘I’ve been made redundant 3 x within the last three years. I must get my food from rubbish bins. 7) Rita Saxa, 26, charity volunteer, Hungarian surviving in London: ‘I’m just hoping someone will awaken 1 day and say, “Yes we will listen to individuals and take action”. 8) Matthew Watkinson, 34, a supplementary in Downton Abbey, Romford, Essex: ‘I was a vet for eight years. 9) Carl Buckland, 51, social worker, Hastings, East Sussex: ‘I lost my job in April due to the cuts. However now I’ve got the very best view in England from my tent. 10) Amir Imran, 23, media studies student, Tioman, Malaysia: ‘I exactly like coming to protests. I really believe the machine is broken.

I’m only here for a couple days. 11) Greg Allen, 25, who gives his job as ‘human being’ and his home as ‘Planet Earth’: ‘I believe everybody on earth must have enough food to consume, clean water, clean breathable air and shelter. 14) Sally Rush, 39, volunteer worker, Durham: ‘My daughter is likely to be for the reason that first intake of higher university fees and she’s really likely to struggle. 15) Edward Newman, 27, runs own software applications firm, Kilburn, North-West London: ‘I’m not just a typical protester. That is my first protest. 16) Artur, 27, unemployed Polish decorator, Manor House, North London: ‘People have to realise they will have more power than they think they are doing. 17) Tristan Woodwards, 28, jobless IT support worker, Basingstoke, Hampshire: ‘I was made redundant 8 weeks ago. 18) George Barda, 35, street campaigner for Greenpeace, London, sleeping on the steps of St Paul’s: ‘I have confidence in collective power.

The height of hypocrisy? Some protesters were seen with bags from supermarket giant Tesco and also drinking from the bottle of Coca-Cola, the initial symbol of global capitalism. Yesterday City workers came face-to-face together with the anti-capitalism demonstrators on the solution to work but there is no hint of trouble because the employees of major financial firms largely ignored the camp, or engaged protesters in polite conversation. A number of the demonstrators also announced their intent to remain on the make-shift camp until Christmas. Protesters pitched their tents in the base of the steps of St Paul’s on Saturday night after police cordoned off Paternoster Square, where in fact the stock exchange is situated. On Sunday night several tents were still camped beyond your landmark. This isn’t a warzone! Do you want to occupy my entire life? Activists, around 250 altogether, have vowed to remain, and carried banners with slogans such as for example ‘We will be the 99%’ and ‘Bankers got a bailout, we got sold out’. Clergymen told protesters they had no issue making use of their presence as Sunday services occurred.

Squatters’ rights: A section 61 legal notice is pictured using one on the protester’s tents. The Reverend Dr Giles Fraser, Canon Chancellor of St Paul’s Cathedral, confirmed he had spoken to protesters on Sunday morning. You don’t need to be Wolfie Smith to work through we’ve all been screwed with the banks. They’re refusing to lend along with the futures of firms across Britain are up in mid-air. It might be understandable in the event the crowd demonstrating outside St Paul’s was self-employed small businessmen and women. Predictably, though, it had been the most common gormless rent-a-mob you always find on these anti-globalisation demos – Toytown Trots from Mickey Mouse universities, social workers, lecturers, full-time mature students and Swampy wannabes, writes RICHARD LITTLEJOHN. He said that while he hadn’t given his specific backing towards the occupation of St Paul’s Churchyard he supported the democratic to protest. Church transpired well today. There have been no problems.