You can study English in NEW YORK at an English School placed in the Empire State building? Did you know NEW YORK is the hottest destination for studying English? If you’re likely to visit NEW YORK for studying English, learn a few of its best curiosities and obtain one step nearer to knowing the next destination! 1. Broadway may be the longest avenue in NY with 33 km and its own name originates from dutch “breede wegh” this means broad way. 2. For the planet Trade Center, 330,000 m3 of concrete were used, a quantity enough to hide a highway linking the planet earth along with the moon! 3. In the days Square, the least expensive light ad is owned by Coca-Cola, who pays “only” 1 million dollars per year, thanks to an extremely old contract. 4. In Manhattan, the buildings that don’t reach the utmost allowed hight, can sell their unbuilded high towards the nearby buildings in order to exceed it.

5. The authorities and fire departments in NY count with special bodies focused on the advicing and participation inside the shot of movies and tv series. 6. Taxis are yellow as the founder of this Yellow Cab Company, John Hertz, read a report by University of Chicago that sayd that yellow was easy and simple colour to note. 7. In NY yearly 40,000 productions are shot among films, tv series, musicals, documentaries and adverts. 8. The Twin Towers, on the planet Trade Center, were so high they weren’t parallel to one another due to the earth’s curvature. 9. Central Park offers 8,698 benches that come up with in-line would measure 11,265 m. 10. Brookyn offers 170 metro stations. 11. People in NY take about 40 minutes each day to go to work. 12. The Central Park is larger than the principalty of Monaco. 13. 3,780,000 litres of drinkable water are consumed each day in NEW YORK.

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14. Over 50% of New Yorkers with an increase of than 5 yrs . old speak another language appart from English in the home. 15. Around 5 million persons utilize the NY subway each day, stopping at 468 stations with 6,200 cars. 16. The Federal Reserve Bank located in Liberty Street houses greater than a quarter on the world’s gold bullion. 17. The “NY Post”, created in 1803, may be the oldest newspaper in america. 18. In 1898, where today lies NEW YORK, where situated 56 cities and towns, 2,000 farms and 1,150 churches. 19. The Statue of Liberty can swing around 12 cm in virtually any direction to cushion the effectiveness of the wind. 20. Anybody can own an object or an emblem of the authorities Department of NY, except of the authorities personnel themselves. The agents of NEW YORK who wish to possess a t-shirt, a cap, a pen or perhaps a mug while using letters NYPD must ask designed for a written authorization.

Who may be the resident assistant? A: The hall director (HD) is really a full-time professional employee in charge of counseling, programming, and administrative duties of one’s hall. The HD lives within an apartment on the initial floor of one’s residence hall. The resident assistant (RA) can be an upper-class student trained to serve as a peer assistant. Resident assistants go on the floors or wings of one’s residence hall. Q: When am i going to get my room assignment? A: You will discover out where you’ll be living and who your roommate would be the the other day in July or the initial week in August. A bill will undoubtedly be delivered to you ahead of your room assignment. Q: Where should my mail be sent? Q: Are single rooms available? A: You can find no rooms available. Q: Can students have cars? A: Yes, all cars should be registered with all the University Police and should be parked in designated resident lots.