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Above, in 1927, 46-48 E. Houston is intact.

Fire within the seven-story building at 46-48 East Houston street early Thursday morning damaged lots of the early delicate models and machines inside the laboratory of Nikola Tesla, the inventor. The actual damage is can’t be told yet, as Mr. Tesla, who’s South for his health, may be the only 1 who knows their value. Western Electrician Magazine, March 17, 1900, p. You can find other maps found on the next three decades, but both of these describe what happened for the buildings. From: Bromley, George Washington. Atlas of the town of NY, Manhattan Island. 1927 Pl. 23. NY Public Library Archives. Above, in 1927, 46-48 E. Houston is intact. Police headquarters moved out in 1909 and contains been replaced by Traffic Court. From: Bromley, George Washington. Atlas of the town of NY, Manhattan Island. 1930, Pl. 23. NY Public Library Archives. Above, in 1930, the buildings across the north side of East Houston are razed to widen the road and lay out a subway line underneath. In the event there’s any doubt regarding the nature of this white spaces, let’s have a look at some photos and illustrations from the days.

Let’s look that as an image.

I haven’t found any direct photos with the north side of East Houston at that time when Tesla’s laboratory was there. You can find, however, photos and illustrations of 300 Mulberry Street, Police Headquarters. Let’s take a look at a later illustration. Police Headquarters, 1887. NEW YORK Public Library Archives. The aforementioned illustration is dated 1887. It appears likely which the building in the right-hand side and in the backdrop may be the Dramatic Hall. It really is four stories because the above news story describes and is defined back from what will be the corner of Mulberry and East Houston. Let’s look that as an image. That is from 1913. Now around the extreme right, problem from Mulberry, we’ve a seven story building. This contains Tesla’s laboratory on its sixth and seventh floors, seen only as being a sliver in the rear of the nearer building. 300 Mulberry, Post card. 1910. From NEW YORK Public Library Archives.

Pay focus on the now former police headquarters. Below is really a photo from the building in 1934. The buildings on the proper side have already been razed (as shown within the 1930 map), alongside Tesla’s laboratory. North side of East Houston looking east at night corner of Mulberry. The former Police Headquarters is currently with the corner of the road. Below is really a drawing of the region from the “Bird’s Eye” perspective, 1904. Tesla’s laboratory building is highlighted in yellow. Excerpted from: Bird’s Eye View of NEW YORK, 1904. NY Public Library. Part Two: Tesla’s Grand Street Laboratory. Part Three: Tesla’s South Fifth Avenue Laboratory. Part Four: Tesla’s Liberty Street Laboratory. Part Five: AN OBVIOUS Photo of this Building that Housed Tesla’s East Houston Laboratory. Martin Hill Ortiz, also writing beneath the name, Martin Hill, may be the writer of A Predatory Mind. Its sequel, occur 1890s Manhattan and titled A Predator’s Game, Rook’s Page Publishing, features Nikola Tesla as the detective. A Predator’s Game comes in soft-cover and ebook editions through Amazon along with other trusted online retailers. His recent mystery, Never Kill A PAL, can be acquired from Ransom Note Press. His epic poem, Two Mistakes, recently won second invest the Margaret Reid/Tom Howard Poetry Competition.